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Different types of trials can be performed on plant protection product efficacy (fungicides, insecticides, herbicides and plant grotwh regulators), crop safety (selectivity), and implications on crop yield.  Quality of harvested products for all types of crops. Impact on succeeding crops (residual effect). Impact on neighboring crops (spray drift). Artificial contamination of trial/crop with diseases (Phytophthora infestans, Plasmophara viticola, Stemphylium sp., Botrytis cinerea, Venturia inaequalis)... upon request.

The peculiar Portuguese climate, conducive to the development of a range of insects and diseases, in addition to a very diverse spontaneous flora, allow us to obtain reliable results on the trials, which is an important basis for the construction of solid biological registration files and subsequent approval of plant protection products.

Agrosafety Lda

Prestação de serviços / Provision of services

  • Vasta experiência na realização de ensaios de avaliação biológica, segundo normas da OEPP*

  • Eficácia directa de fungicidas, inseticidas, herbicidas e reguladores de crescimento

  • Efeitos na produção (qualidade dos vegetais)

  • Fitotoxicidade sobre a cultura

  • Efeitos secundários indesejáveis

  • Efeitos secundários em organismos auxiliares

  • Realização de ensaios demonstrativos

  • Elaboração de documentos técnicos de suporte à comercialização de produtos fitofarmacêuticos

*OOR nº22, Reconhecida pela DGAV segundo a portaria n.º396/2000, desde o ano 2010

  • Extensive experience in carrying out biological assessment trials, according to OEPP standards *

  • Direct efficacy of fungicides, insecticides, herbicides and plant growth regulators

  • Effects on production (quality of vegetables)

  • Selectivity of plant protection products on different crops

  • Undesirable side effects

  • Side effects in auxiliary organisms

  • Demonstration trials

  • Preparation of technical documents to support the marketing of plant protection products

* OOR nº22, Recognized by DGAV according to the decree nº 396/2000, since 2010

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About us

Agrosafety was created in April 2006, following a reduced offer of companies in the field of agronomic trials in the coastal region of northern Portugal, with special emphasis on the culture of the vineyards. In 2010, it obtained the title of Officially Recognized Organization (number 22) for conducting efficacy trials. Over the years, the company saw the need to expand to other types of crops, namely fruit trees in the interior North and Center regions and horticultural crops in the coastal zone. Today, we have more than ten and a half years of activity and about a hundred trials carried out in our country, with a success rate over 80%. We are not, nor do we want to be, a large company in this area in Portugal. Quite the opposite, we prioritize quality over quantity so we prefer to be recognized for the excellence of our trials.


We are concerned with sustainability, not only the efficacy of different active ingredients. We don't inherit the land  from our parents, we borrow it from  our children.

Please contact us for any further clarification. We carry out trials on any type of crop, upon request

Manager: Carlos Silva

Mobile Phone: +351919837332

Headquarters: Rua Fernando Pessoa, nº 75, 4420-143 S. Cosme, Gondomar - Portugal

Lab Adress: Rua Aquilino Ribeiro, nº 307, R/C, 4435-110 Rio Tinto - Portugal

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